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Updated Dismissal Guidelines

Good evening, Braves parents. This is Blake Harris, principal at Fort Loudoun Middle School. Last evening, at the October 6 meeting, the Loudon County Board of Education voted to limit parent dismissal parking in line or parking spaces to 30 minutes prior to dismissal. I would like to stress that this only applies to individuals arriving on campus in order to park and wait for dismissal. This DOES NOT apply to parking related to other everyday school situations such as parent meetings, early check-outs, the dropping off of materials, etc. Again, I would like to stress that this ONLY applies to parking related to regular dismissal. Due to our schedule, the earliest that parents can be on campus for regular pickup or dismissal will be 2:30 PM. This policy will be in place beginning Monday, October 17. I would also like to thank everyone for a fantastic first nine-weeks of the school year and students for their hard work in the classroom and on nine-weeks exams. We look forward to helping grow our Braves during the second nine-weeks. Have a great Fall Break!