Fort Loudoun Middle School

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The cast of "Dad Tells Bedtime Stories...really badly" has been announced.

The Cast
The part of the Dad: Cameron Pellitier
Ashley: Angie Gonzalez
Katie: Hannah Farero
Wally: Landon Hoppel
Prime Minister and Rumpelstiltskin: Landon Bradford
The Queen and the Mayor Mayor: Jamie Griffieth
The Prince #1 and Wilber: Liam Frye
Princess #1: Mason Grace Sentell
Princess #2: Piper Miller
Mindy: Korrine Casteel 
Horace and the Old Woman: Morgan Sentell
The part of Mom: Hailey Watkins
The Captain: Skyler Ninedorf
The part of the daughter: Zoey Casteel
The Father and Prince #2: Danarius Hampton
The part of the Sheep: Valeria Gonzalez Castro
All parts are subject to change as needed.
All participants are expected to be at rehearsals each Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-5:30.
The date of the play will be coming soon!