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Principal's Message

Welcome to Fort Loudoun Middle School! FLMS serves students in grades six through eight in Loudon, TN. We have approximately 350 students. The majority of our students come to us from Steekee Elementary or Loudon Elementary. FLMS earned Reward School status for Progress in 2013 and 2014.

At FLMS we focus on four main pillars of education:

Our first focus is on developing intellect. We believe that all students can and will learn in the appropriate setting. We believe that students learn in different ways and at different rates, and we work to create environments and situations that promote the intellectual and academic growth of ALL students. This includes intervention time for students who are well-below grade level, remediation for students who are slightly-below grade level, and acceleration for students are progressing steadily with grade level curriculum. Teachers differentiate within all general curriculum classes to meet the needs of all learners.

Our second focus is character. We encourage and reward students based on our BRAVE Traits - boldness, responsibility, ambition, volunteer-spirit, and enthusiasm. We need students to display boldness by taking up for students who are being bullied or harassed. These situations often do not occur in the presence of adults, so we need our students to take a stand and report issues. Middle school is a time of transition for students, and students have to demonstrate responsibility on many levels. They have to be responsible for their materials, for their learning, and for the choices they make. We want our students to be ambitious. We truly believe that our Braves can do anything they set their minds to do. We teach them to keep trying, keep working, and to overcome obstacles that block their success. We ask that our students have a volunteer-spirit. Everyone has something to give, something to offer to the school and to the community in general. Giving is more important than receiving, and we try to instill that ideal in our students. Enthusiasm is so important to success in middle school. Students may not all demonstrate enthusiasm for every subject, but we offer a wide variety of clubs, sports, and other activities to engage our students and to help them find their passion and enthusiasm. 

Our third focus is wellness. Wellness comes in many forms, and our focus is on the physical and mental wellness of students. We have a full time Registered Nurse who administers medication and first aid as needed to our students. She works with parents to make appropriate referrals to general physicians and specialists. She coordinates our Healthy School Team to promote health and wellness for all students and staff. All students at FLMS receive PE, Fitness 1, and Fitness 2 each year. Traditional PE covers games and sports that interest our students. Fitness 1 and Fitness 2 include physical activities such as calisthenics, nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle choices. After school, we offer several sports including football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and track. All students at FLMS also receive a guidance class, called Navigation, each year. In Navigation class, students learn about stress reduction and making good choices. Our school counselor works with students based on self, teacher, and parent referrals. Most of her counseling is completed individually, but she does offer some small group counseling sessions as well. Additionally, she coordinates counseling services through Cherokee Mental Health. With parent permission and input, students can see a licensed mental health provider here at FLMS.

Our fourth focus is on lifelong learning. We encourage our students to LEAVE ALL DOORS OPEN! To us, this means that students make decisions now that will open up more options for them in the future. A four-year college may not be the appropriate path for all students, but we want to our students to give their best effort in middle school so that college is always an option if the decide to choose that after high school. To promote this culture, we coordinate multiple college visits for students each year. By the time our students leave FLMS, they will have had the chance to visit at least six post-secondary schools. We have college information posted throughout our building, including a pictograph of where all of our teachers and staff members attended college and pennant displays from colleges across Tennessee. We offer Explorer classes to students so they can sample topics, content, and possibly careers that are important to them.

The administrators of FLMS have an open-door policy. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, don't hesitate to call or email us.