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Students » Next Right Thing Program

Next Right Thing Program

This year FLMS is implementing a program in which students can take the opportunity 
to learn from their mistakes, make amends if necessary and in the end, excuse 1 
citation per 9 week’s grading period. 

Students receiving a citation for the reasons listed below, can choose to complete a 
task/assignment that will excuse 1 citation (ONLY 1 CITATION) per 9 week’s grading 
period. The task/assignment will vary depending on the violation and the severity of 
the violation. 
--Out Of Area
--Damage to School Property
--Violation of Technology Contract
--Cell Phone Violation

Students will have 1 week from the date of the citation to complete the Next Right 
Thing. It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to request this from the teacher, complete 
the task/assignment, and inform the teacher that the task/assignment has been 

Students are not required to participate in the Next Right Thing Program.