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Drama Club

If you love to make others laugh, if you are ever described as a "character," if you can tell a story in a pirate voice with one eye covered with a patch and a parrot pecking at your ear, then this is the club for you! Drama club will practice a variety of performance skills including improv and scripted work. We will have at least one performance for the public, create a music video, and create a service video or performance.
Mostly, we will laugh a lot, play a lot, and learn to perform without fear!
This club meets every Tuesday from 4:00-5:30.  

FLMS Drama Club Videos

Dear Future Husband:
8th grade graduation 2014-2015 (long version)
8th grade graduation (short version)
Anti-Bullying video







·  Skill

·  Objective

·  Essential Question

How do I create emotion in my performance


How do I create emotion in my performance


How do I create an over-the-top scene to be funny or dramatic


How do I create a variety of characters


Material Used





·   n/a

·   n/a

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·   n/a







·  Warm up – watching the greats - students will watch some of the greatest monologues of all time.

- They will reiterate or recreate a portion of these monologues

·   Warm up

·   Students will continue watching some of the greatest monologues

I will give them a variety of emotional scenes and monologues to perform

·   students will continue working on their monologues and dramatic scenes

·   Warm up – freeze tag

·   Old game – Questions

·   New game – Theme restaurant


STEM Standards