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LAUNCH » LAUNCH Summer 2020 Gardening

LAUNCH Summer 2020 Gardening

Herbs, Herbs, Herbs!

This year’s gardening club will be focusing on herbs. Over the next 8 weeks you will be able to grow your own herbs from seeds. I will be including information on the herb of the week, along with recipes you can use your herbs in, once they have grown larger! I want to thank the Herbal Academy of New England for their herb lessons and ideas, that have been used to prepare these activities for you. Enjoy learning about herbs!

Ms. Watson

Week One
Meet My Friend Herb!
Herbs are used in our foods, medicines, essential oils, and many other places.  Jump into reading about herbs in our week one lesson. 
YouTube videos to watch about herbs and how to use them.
Week Two
Meet My Friend Herb Part 2
Herb of the Week-Lavender
Lavender Garden Bundles for Home and Health
You Tube videos about lavender
Week Three
Herbs: Keep it Simple
Herb of the Week: Sage
  • Peat Pots and How to Use them
  • You will be planting your first herb seeds this week in your peat pots.  In each bag, there is a small green house, lavender and sage seeds, and directions on how to set up your peat pots to get them ready for the seeds.
  • Sage: Planting, Growing and Harvesting
Here are some YouTube videos about making herb oils.  The first two are very informative and very detailed.
Week Four
Herbs: Starting your Herb Garden
Herb of the week: Cilantro (Coriander)
  • This week you will learn about how to start an herb garden from seeds, then move them to pots, or just start them in a small garden of your very own!
  • You will get two more peat pellets so you can add the Cilantro seeds to your mini greenhouse.
Here are some YouTube videos about growing herbs from seeds.  
Week 5
Adventures in the Garden
Herb of the week: Basil
  • This week you will be learning how to plant seeds directly into a garden, or plant your seedlings after they have sprouted.  You will also be reading about some fund activities you can do when you sprout some seeds. 
  • You will receive two more peat pellets so you can plant your basil seeds in your mini greenhouse.
  • There are some recipes below, that you can use with Basil. 
Here are some YouTube videos about growing seeds, and what to do with them once they have sprouted. 
Week 6
Cooking with Herbs
Herb of the week: Rosemary
Hill's Hardy Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis Hill Hardy, Hills Hardy Rosemary
  • This week you will finish up the slots in your mini greenhouse with two more peat pellets and seeds for rosemary.
  • This week's packet has fun recipes for using many different herbs in cooking.  Make sure you have permission to use the stove or oven, and have an adult or older sibling near by. 
  • Check out the YouTube videos on chefs cooking with herbs.
Here are some YouTube videos about cooking with herbs:
Week 7
Herb Pharmacy
Herb of the week: Chives
Allium schoenoprasum in NH 01.jpg
  • This week you will receive a new mini greenhouse for the next two week's seeds. 
  • This week you will learn about how herbs can heal our body.  
  • There are also some recipes attached below to use with this week's herb, Chives.  
  • If you want to read about how the Cherokees had a medicine man, who used herbs to heal, check out the article below. 
Here are some YouTube videos about using herbs to heal:
Week 8
Garden Wild Crafting
Herbs of the week: Oregano and Dill
Oregano                             Dill
    Organic 'Teddy' Dill
  • This week you will receive two different seeds to add to your mini greenhouse.  You will have empty places left in your greenhouse, so find some seeds you want to add to your greenhouse and grow some more plants!
  • This week's lesson has many different garden crafts you can make with your family.