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LAUNCH Summer 2020 STEM

  • STEM 
  • Our STEM lab teacher, Jeana Gray, will be creating 8-10 different weekly activities that all focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math.  These activities are family oriented and based upon a grant she wrote for STEM backpacks.  Families will be able to explore the STEM concepts together in their own homes as they work through the weekly lessons.
Week One- May 25-29
Join us this week to create a Darth Vader LED Circuit.  Below you will find a YouTube Video Link and instructions that were included in your packet.  MAY The FORCE BE WITH YOU!
Week Two- June 1-5
Blast off with us this week with our cool LEGO Balloon Car!  Below you will find instructions that were included in this week's LAUNCH pick up packet.  Have fun and remember to share your designs and builds with @FLMSvirtualLAUNCH.  I am also also adding a YouTube video link of an EXAMPLE of a balloon racer.  Remember use your imagination!
Week Three- June 8-12
Sink or Float?  This week we will design and construct a boat out of cardboard and foil!  Below you will find instructions that were included in this week's LAUNCH pick up packet.  Be creative! Use your imagination?  Have FUN!  Share your designs and build with #FLMSvirtualLAUNCH.  Start designing and building!
Week Four June 15-19
Army Man LAUNCH!!!! This week we will design and build a catapult using only the materials given. Your goal is to launch your Army man with precision and accuracy.   Below you will find your information sheet on how to build your catapult. The instructions and supplies were also included in this week's LAUNCH pick up packet.  I can wait to see how far your Army man will go!
Week Five June 22-26
101 Uses of Duct Tape!  Who doesn't LOVE Duct Tape?  This week we are creating a phone case or wallet with duct tape.  I am also going to include video tutorials of many more projects you can create!  In this week's LAUNCH packet you should have received a roll of a duct tape and directions.  I can't wait to see what you all create!  Lets get creative with DUCT TAPE!
Phone Case Video:
Wallet Video:
More Duct tape video ideas!
Week Six June 29-July 3rd
Marble RUN!!! This week you were given supplies to create a marble run!  The directions show building the marble run using a card board box.  However, be creative and try other surfaces ( with your parent's permission of coarse) like tables, the wall, stairs.  How far can you get your marble to run?
Week 7 July 6-10
Can you make it fly?  Airplanes, Airplanes, Airplanes!  This week we will design and construct paper airplanes.  Research and be creative in your design!  Your LAUNCH packet this week includes directions and paper.  Feel free to make multiple planes if you have the supplies.  I can't wait to hear all about  you plane designs! Below is a link to several paper plane designs.  
Week 8 July 13-17
Sadly this is our last week of activities.  We hope you have enjoyed all of the virtual LAUNCH activities this summer.  This week when you pick up your LAUNCH Bags you will either get the Bridge Building Challenge or the Sunflower Growing Challenge.  I am going to post both challenges below.  Good luck and I can't wait to see your bridge designs and your sunflowers growing.