Fort Loudoun Middle School

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LAUNCH Home Page

Welcome to the FLMS Launch Home Page . Please take our quick survey to tell us more about what you would like to have for parent involvement activities at FLMS. 
Please join our REMIND page for the latest updates, activities, cancelled clubs, or if LAUNCH needs to be cancelled for the day.
The Loudon County LAUNCH Extended Learning Program offers exciting opportunities before and after school at Steekee Elementary, Loudon Elementary, Fort Loudoun Middle School, Philadelphia Elementary, and Greenback School. Primary funding is from the Tennessee Lottery for Education: Afterschool Programs [LEAPs] for the programs at Fort Loudoun, Steekee and Loudon.  The 21st Century Community Learning Center [CCLC] provides funding for the programs at Philadelphia and Greenback.
LAUNCH is a free program that provides a healthy snack to participating students each afternoon before they start their LAUNCH activities. LAUNCH schedules sessions of sports and leisure, tutoring and enrichment activities. LAUNCH focuses on STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] activities and compliments our school system's First To The Top Scope of Service. LAUNCH supports the daily classroom instructions and most activities are linked to Common Core State Standards. Through the LAUNCH program, we help our students reach their academic potential in a fun and safe environment.