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Dear Parents/Guardians,
LAUNCH Extended Learning will begin September 1, 2021 and conclude on May 6, 2022.  We still have some restrictions in place due to COVID 19, so we are asking parents to not visit their children while in Launch. If you need to talk to the Launch coordinator, we ask that you make an appointment.

Behavior Policy
Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will result in your child being removed from the program for the
rest of the semester. At FLMS, we have a 3 strikes out policy.
1. The first time the student comes to the office, the student will talk to the coordinator about their
behavior, the student will go back to their clubs, and the parent will be notified when they pick
up their child about what happened.
2. The second time the student comes to the office, the coordinator will talk to them about their
behavior, and the parent will be called to pick them up at that time. If they can’t be picked up
right away, the student will stay in the office with the coordinator.
3. The final time, the student comes to the office, they will be talked to by the coordinator, the
parent is called to pick them up, and they will be dismissed from LAUNCH for the remainder of
the semester.
All school rules must be followed. Parents will be notified prior to the removal of their child from
the program. Any serious offense could result in the immediate dismissal of your child from

LAUNCH typically is scheduled from after school (3:20 until 5:30 PM), Monday through Friday. The
program offers homework help, enrichment, physical activity, clubs, and a healthy afternoon
snack. Physical activity, tutoring, homework help, and various clubs may also be offered before the
school day begins. Morning LAUNCH runs from 7:00-7:30 pm. In the afternoons, we will have a snack
and homework help from 3:30-4:00 for ALL LAUNCH students. We will then have club time from
4:00-5:30. We will only have two dismissal times- 4:00 and 5:30. We will not be dismissing at
various times throughout the afternoon. This is due to the procedures we will need to follow to
dismiss students safely. We also ask that students be picked up ONLY at the designated times. This
allows our teachers to focus on their clubs and not constantly be interrupted by students leaving.
IF you have an emergency that needs you to pick up your child immediately, please call the school
office 865-458-2026 and tell the Coordinator. We will get your child to the office ASAP.
Last year we found the curbside service to be the most efficient way for dismissal for both parents and students from LAUNCH.

LAUNCH Curbside Dismissal Plan
4:00 Dismissal:
• when Homework Help is over and at the end of club time, we will bring the students who
are leaving at that time, to the front of the school. They will sit on the picnic benches
outside or in the office waiting for their ride to pick them up. One of the teachers will go
outside and call in using a walkie talkie, calling for the student to be dismissed and who is
picking them up. The coordinator that day will document the time the student left and
who picked them up. Parents will NOT need to sign individual students out.
5:30 Dismissal
• when club time is over 5:20, the teachers will walk their students up and we will dismiss
then just as we do at the end of school for car riders. The LAUNCH coordinator for the
day will sign students out.

Communication Plans
• Paper fliers handed out at dismissal
• Remind app
• This link below explains how to join a Remind class. Use the code(s) below to join the class(es) of
your child's grade level.
• We have three different Remind classes this year to make messaging easier.
• @launch6 is for 6th grade students/parents
• @launch7 is for 7th grade students/parents
• @launch8 is for 8th grade students/parents

Attendance Policy
We ask that your child commit to attending a minimum of 30 days during the school year. Students
should expect to spend a minimum of one hour each day they attend LAUNCH. Students who miss
10 days of LAUNCH during a semester, without contacting the program coordinator, may be dropped
from the program unless the absences are excused. They can be added back to the program if the
parent writes a letter requesting them to attend once more. Students that are excused from school
that day, will be excused from LAUNCH.
We will follow the school and the district’s reopening plans. If it should be necessary to close schools,
we will continue our programs with Virtual Launch. That information will be posted on our school’s
LAUNCH website page.
Please call the school if you have questions. All permission forms must be returned to the LAUNCH
Coordinator at your school by August 27, 2021. We will not be allowed to have students stay without
a permission form on file. Any student who returns a form after August 27th, will be placed on a wait list.  When there is an opening, we will notify that parent. 

Heather Watson, LAUNCH Site Coordinator
Patrick Bethel, Principal

The Loudon County LAUNCH Extended Learning Program offers exciting opportunities before and after school at Highland Park Elementary, Steekee Elementary, Loudon Elementary, Fort Loudoun Middle School, Philadelphia Elementary, and Greenback School. Primary funding is from the Tennessee Lottery for Education: Afterschool Programs [LEAPs] for the programs at Highland Park Elementary, Fort Loudoun Middle, Steekee School, and Loudon Elementary.  The 21st Century Community Learning Center [CCLC] provides funding for the programs at Philadelphia and Greenback.
LAUNCH is a free program that provides a healthy snack to participating students each afternoon before they start their LAUNCH activities. LAUNCH schedules sessions of sports and leisure, tutoring and enrichment activities. LAUNCH focuses on STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] activities and compliments our school system's First To The Top Scope of Service. LAUNCH supports the daily classroom instructions and most activities are linked to Common Core State Standards. Through the LAUNCH program, we help our students reach their academic potential in a fun and safe environment.