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About Me

West Orange High School, Winter Garden, Florida (1986)

Valencia State College, Orlando, Fl (1988) A.S. in  Elementary Education

University of Central Florida, Orlando Fl (1990) B.S. in Elementary Education

University of Central Florida, Orlando Fl (1992) Graduate work for Early Childhood Education Certification

University of Central Florida, Orlando FL(1995) Graduate work towards an MS degree in Varying Exceptionalities

Seminole State College, Sandford, FL (1995) Endorsement for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)



In Middle School, I went to a brand new school.  We had to go double session with Teague Middle School, in Seminole County Florida, because they were building our new school and hadn't finished building. Teague students got to go school EARLY in the morning, and we got to go to school and stay late.  We didn't have any special classes, because there wasn't enough time in the day. After Christmas vacation we were able to move into our new school, Rock Lake Middle School.  It was so exciting to be in the new school.  I was part of the first graduating class of Rock Lake. When we graduated we had a party, and we all got a gold cup with our school's mascot and the date on it.  I still have the cup.  My most difficult year was 7th grade.  


I love horses, sunflowers, cooking and reading.  I read copious amounts of books, and love "traveling" to new places as I read.  I have actually been able to physically go to some of the places I have read about. 


Growing up in Florida, I lived on a small ranch.  We had dogs, cats, chickens, a goat, and horses.  I put myself through college breaking and training horses, and then training their owners.  I gave riding lessons to young people and adults.  I think that is the where I learned to love teaching people new things about themselves and how to communicate with their horse.  I had my own personal horse until I moved to TN, in 2010.  I miss the interaction with horses, but I am enjoying my new life here in TN.


This is my tenth year at FLMS, but I have been teaching for 29 years.  The majority of my teaching experience has been in FL, but I am excited to be moving into my third decade of teaching while I am here in Tennessee.  I moved to Tennessee in 2010, and absolutely love the change of seasons and the slower pace of each day.  I never thought I would be a teacher of middle school students.  I love the change and the interaction with our young adults.  I look forward to continuing to grow as a teacher and forever learner.


At FLMS, I teach English to those that grew up speaking another language.  I am very familiar with students with a second language, because in FL many students in my classes either spoke Spanish or Creole before they learned English. In my last class I had 7 different languages in my classroom; English, Spanish, Creole, Punjabe, Hindi, Madarin Chinese, and Portuguese.  It was a challenging, but rewarding year.  At the end of the year, we were all able to communicate with each other in many different ways.  We had used the universal languages of movement, songs, pictures and sign language to learn English together.