Ms. Watson's Reading lessons for the Week of April 13


Monday: (at least 30 min)  

  • Review the PowerPoint posted on your teacher’s webpage to introduce argument or read the one included in your take home packet. 
  • Complete the Argument Writing: Parts of an Argument activity
  • Complete the following Counterclaim assignment in 

Tuesday: (at least 30 min) 

  • Complete the following assignment, to review making claims and supporting claims in argument writing RXVPD
  • Find the code on your teacher’s website if you are doing it online 
  • Complete the NoRedInk assignment from Monday 

Wednesday: (at least 30 min) 

  • Read the articles “Should the Driving Age Be Raised to 18?” and “Do Teens Need Graduated Licenses?” (prompt attached as well)  
  • Today you will write a claim that tells which article you think is safer.  You need to include two reasons from the article- Raising the Driving Age OR A Graduated License
  • Claim ex. Raising the driving age to 18 would make drivers safer because __________ and ____________.  
  • Complete the evaluating claims FRECKLE assignment listed below with your class code.  Check your teacher’s webpage to find your class code for FRECKLE.

Thursday: (at least 30 min)  

Friday:  (at least 30 min)

  • Complete the 4-square with information from the text to  prepare you to write your essay for the prompt you received on Wednesday.  Do not write the article, just fill out the four square.  This is like the one we completed for  “A Woman Called Moses”
  • Email the 4-square to your teacher, or take a picture of it.  DO NOT RETURN IT TO SCHOOL on Monday, if you are doing the paper packets.  You will need it next week to write your essay. 
  • Read over the rubric, so you know what your essay will be graded on.  You will write the essay next week.