Ms. Watson's Reading lessons​ for the weeks of May 4-14

This is a two-week schedule for the last two weeks of your sixth-grade year. 😊 

 Monday, May 4 –  

  • Open the Nearpod with the code MOFYN
  • Complete Slides 1-6 
  • Join Newsela classes, or log into your Newsela class.  Our class code is TM2QWZ, or read the article in .pdf form you can download. 
  • Read the first Newsela article "Human Connection Bolsters Immune System" 
  • Answer the questions about the article 

 Tuesday, May 5 –  

  • Open the Nearpod using the same code MOFYN
  • Complete slides 7-9 
  • Read the second Newsela article “Why Tough Times make Better Neighbors” 
  • Answer the questions about the article 

 Wednesday, May 6   

  • Open the Nearpod using the same code MOFYN
  • Complete the nearpod  slides 10-14 
  • Create a list of kindness acts that you can do while you are socially distanced. ( at least 5 ideas) 
  • What are some things you can do to share kindness?   
  • This list may be used later if you decide to research a topic deeper. 

 Thursday, May 7–  

  • Choose 1 act of “Socially Distanced” kindness 
  • Plan how you will carry out this act of kindness on the planning chart 
  • Carry out your act of "Socially distanced" kindness some time this week or weekend 
  • Take notes on how the project went 
  • Write down your reflections on the reflection paper after you complete your act of kindness.  Think of some things you might have done differently if you didn’t have to be socially distanced. 

 Friday, May 8-Wednesday, May 13 

  • Write a persuasive paper that will persuade others to perform your act kindness.  
  • Plan your paper using the 4 square for persuasive writing 
  • Write your paper using the information you wrote down on your 4-square 
  • Re-read your paper and edit your persuasive paper to make it super strong and persuasive. 

 Thursday, May 14   

Online activity: 
    • Create a Flipgrid video to convince your teachers to perform your same act of kindness. (best argument will be chosen) 
    • Share with your teacher 

 Paper Packet activity-

    • Write a letter to your future self, telling yourself about what you have learned during this historical event.  
    • Return with your packet, or email to your teacher