Fort Loudoun Middle School

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Explorer~ Robotics

Course Goal:

 Robotics Invention Systems allow students to design and program real robots. With this robotics lab the students will be able to create everything from a light-sensitive intruder alarm to a robotic rover that can follow a trail, move around obstacles, and even duck into dark corners. The students will first build their robot using the NXT micro-computer brick and over LEGO elements, attaching sensors, motors, gears and other LEGO bricks. Students will also be introduced to circuits, TinkerCad, and 3-D Printing.  


Learning objectives and goals include:

Engineering, Problem Solving, Computer Programming and Design


  1.     To design, build and program a robot to perform a certain mission
  2.     To test and analyze the robot’s performance


  1.     To design a robot to meet certain criteria
  2.     To build the robot
  3.     To use Apps to code and program Dash Robots
  4.      To use Connects to assemble circuits. 
  5.     To program the robot
  6.     To test the robot
  7.     To analyze the data and make needed adjustments
  8.     To design a prototype and 3-D print in Tinker Cad

Week 1: Understanding of Circuits Unit

  • Day 1- What is Engineering, Robotics, and 3D Printing?
    • PowerPoint, How its Made Video, Rules and Procedures, Groups, Roles
  • Day 2: Engineer to speak about CAD/Tinker Cade
  • Day 3: Students will complete the Tinker CAD Tutorial
  • Day 4: Students Design on Tinker CAD
  • Day 5: Finalize Designs and send to Mrs. Gray using Office 360 Accounts.

Week 2:  Circuits/Simple Robotics

  • Day 6- What are circuits and how are they important to robotics?
    • PowerPoint, Introduction to circuits
  • Day7- Circuits Lab- How to make a lightbulb light up using Connects Circuits
  • Day 8- What are Robotics? PowerPoint, How do Robotics Work?
  • Day9: Speaker to bring in a robotic arm
  • Day 10: Brush bots
    • Materials: Students will make their own brush bot using Brush Bot kits

Week 3: Coding/ Dash and Dot

Day11: Students will complete an hour of Code on

Day 12: Students will complete an hour of Code on

Day 13: Students will be introduced to Dash and Dot

Day 14: Students will use the Wonder App to code and introduce Dash

Day15: Students will use the Blocky App and Path App to code Dash to complete an obstacle course

Day16: Students will use the GO App to drive Dash Around the Braves Head

Week 4:  LEGO Robotics

  • Day 17: Students will build Lego MindStorm Robots
  • Day 18: Students will build Lego MindStorm Robots
  • Day 19: Students will download Lego Software and go through Software tutorial
  • Day 20: Students will complete coding mission
  • Day 21: Students will disassemble robots