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Braves Academy

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In Braves Academy, students will learn about the importance of school and how to make the most of his/her educational experience, how to interact with others successfully and develop good character, and how to make informed decisions about his/her future life and career. Students will keep a Braves Academy folder with all their exploring and learning, which they will be able to keep after completing class in eighth grade.  
Programs and resources that will be utilized:
Why Try? is a curriculum that teaches the importance of positive decision making, thinking about your future, good character, working hard and plugging into a support system so that students will have opportunity, freedom and self-respect.
The Medal of Honor curriculum focuses on the six core values of Medal of Honor recipients: Courage, Patriotism, Integrity, Citizenship, Commitment, and Sacrifice.
The Child Advocacy Center Kids First Program   Safety & abuse prevention
Jackie Harris with the Health Department  will focus on the dangers of tobacco and having healthy relationships. 
Jamie Ensley with EdSouth will engage students in future planning, financial literacy and transitioning to middle school and high school.  The Kuder assessment will be utilized to match interests and skills with career paths.
 Loudon County Schools Health Educator will provide education on health and wellness.
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Braves Academy Scope and Sequence

Week 1:

Day 1:  Procedures & Practice

Day 2:  Procedures & Practice

Day 3:  Classroom Expectations

Day 4: Why Try? Relationship Building/Using Music

Day 5:  Medal of Honor: Exploring the Six Core Values

Week 2:

Day 6:  Bully Prevention (watch Bullied video)

Day 7:  Why Try? Relationship Building/Assessment

Day 8:  Career:  Making SMART Goals & Action Plans

Day 9:  Why Try? Reality Ride

Day 10:  Medal of Honor:  Selfless Service

Week 3:

Day 11:  Bully Prevention (discuss video) 

Day 12: Why Try? Tearing Off Your Labels

Day 13:  Career:  Career Clusters Activity

Day 14:  Why Try? Defense Mechanisms

Day 15:  Medal of Honor:  What Does It Mean?

Week 4:

Day 16:  Auction Block (Values/Goal Setting)

Day 17:  Why Try? Motivation Formula

Day 18:  Career:  Career Interest Inventory (KUDER) & Work Skills Assessment

Day 19:  Why Try? Climbing Out

Day 20:  Medal of Honor:  A Lesson in Irony

Week 5:

Day 21:  Group Treasure Hunt  (Self-Esteem)

Day 22:  Why Try? Jumping Hurdles

Day 23:  Career:  Sample Application

Day 24: Why Try?  Desire, Time & Effort

Day 25:  Medal of Honor:  Reflecting on Courage

Week 6:  

Day 26:  Whose Fault Is It?  (Decision Making/Peer Pressure)

Day 27:  Why Try? Lift the Weight

Day 28:  Career: Interviewing

Day 29:  Why Try? Get Plugged In

Day 30:  Medal of Honor:  Integrity in Decision Making

Week 7:

Day 31:  Left Out (Cliques)

Day 32:  Why Try? The Wall

Day 33:  Career:  Interviewing

Day 34:  Why Try?  Student Walkthrough

Day 35:  Medal of Honor:  What is Courage?

Week 8:

Day 36:  How Bad Can You Be?  (Communication)

Day 37:  Why Try? Student Walkthrough

Day 38:  Career:  Life’s a Puzzle (Life Roles)

Day 39:  Why Try?  Student Walkthrough

Day 40:  Medal of Honor:  A Portrtait of a Service Member

Week 9:

Day 41:  Line Up  (Self Esteem/Acceptance)

Day 42:  Why Try? Review

Day 43:  Career:  Work Study (Work Skills)

Day 44:  Why Try? Assessment

Day 45:  Medal of Honor:  Portrait of a Service Member (interview and active duty or veteran)

Week 10:
Day 46:
Day 47:  Why Try? Review
Day 48:  Career: Review Career Clusters, Interest Inventory, & Work Skills Assessment
Day 49:  Why Try? Review
Day 50:
Week 11:
Day 51:
Day 52:  Why Try? Explain rubric for teaching a lesson and choose lesson to teach
Day 53:  Career:  
Day 54:  Why Try? Presentation Creation
Day 55:
Week 12:
Day 56:
Day 57: Why Try? Presentation Creation
Day 58: Career:
Day 59: Why Try? Presentation Creation
Day 60:
Week 13:
Day 61:
Day 62: Why Try? Presentation Creation
Day 63: Career:
Day 64: Why Try? Presentaiton Creation
Day 65:
Week 14:
Day 66:
Day 67: Why Try? Reality Ride Presentations
Day 68:  Career:
Day 69: Why Try? Tearing Off Your Label Presentations
Day 70:
Week 15:
Day 71:
Day 72: Why Try? Defense Mechanisms Presentations
Day 73: Career:
Day 74: Why Try?  Motivation Formula Presentations
Day 75:
Week 16:
Day 76:
Day 77: Why Try? Climbing Out Presentations
Day 78: Career:
Day 79: Why Try? Jumping Hurdles Presentations
Day 80:
Week 17:
Day 81:
Day 82: Why Try? Desire, Time, & Effort Presentations
Day 83: Career:
Day 84:  Why Try? Lift the Weight Presentations
Day 85:
Week 18:
Day 86:
Day 87:  Why Try? Plugging In Presentations
Day 88: Career:
Day 89:  Why Try? The Wall Presentations
Day 90: