Fort Loudoun Middle School

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School Counseling-Navigation

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In Navigation Class, students will learn about the importance of school and how to make the most of his/her educational experience, how to interact with others successfully and develop good character, and how to make informed decisions about his/her future life and career.  Treating others with respect and reducing bullying will be a focus for each grade level.  Each grade level will focus on a different topic and keep a navigation folder with all their exploring and learning, which they will be able to keep after completing class in eighth grade.  Students will also focus on character building through the Medal of Honor program.
Guest speakers from the Child Advocacy Center and the Health Department will talk to students about preventing child abuse, dangers of tobacco and healthy relationships.
The eighth grade students will primarily focus on career exploration, including exploring their values, interests, work habits and skills, educational/training requirements, and career clusters in which they may be interested. is a website that will be used to explore interests, career clusters, and education and training.
The Step-By-Step Guide to College Planning
The seventh grade students will focus on personal/social skills needed to be successful in life.  Working in groups, including group roles, how to work successfully in groups, and the importance of these skills will be a primary focus.  Students will also explore the impact of peer pressure and how to respond to it. 
The sixth grade will focus on the importance of academics at this level and in the future.  Students will analyze importance of education and identify the benefits of education, perseverance, and accomplishment.
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