IXL Summer Math Challenge Update 6/18

The month of June is flying by and we are already half way through the month.  Congratulations to the following top 5 rising 6th graders for total gold medals for the summer!

Danielle Vink - 35 Gold Medals 
Jonah Fuston - 22 Gold Medals 
Daniel Bridges - 7 Gold Medals
Mikayla Bowman - 6 Gold Medal
Baylee Yates - 6 Gold Medals
Don't forget:
15 Gold Medals = box of candy!  
30 Gold Medals = ice cream sundae party
60 Gold Medals = $5 gift candy + ice cream + box of candy
75 Gold Medals = Lunch off campus, $5 gift card, ice cream, & candy.
Students will also earn a ticket for every 5 medals earned to be entered into a drawing for prizes in August.
Don't forget that rising 6th graders can work on any math skills in 5th and 6th grade.  In order to get a gold medal you must receive a 100 for the objective you are working in.  Please email me if you need your username and password. 
Mrs. Bowman