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Welcome to 6th Grade Science!
2022 Class Schedule
Block 1 8:05-9:30 Science Science Lab Rm 134
Block 2 9:35-11:00 Science Science Lab Rm 134
Lunch 11:00-11:30 Lunch  
Explore 11:30-12:00 Robotics Science Lab Rm 139
Block 3 12:05-1:30 Science Science Lab Rm 134
Block 4 1:35-3:00 Planning  
Homeroom 3:00-3:05 Homeroom Science Lab Rm 134
The academic standards for sixth grade establish the content knowledge and skills for Tennessee
students necessary to prepare them for the rigorous levels of higher education and future job markets.
The course provides students with a wealth of scientific practical experiences. The academic standards
for science in sixth grade are based on research and the National Research Council’s Framework for K-12
Science Education. The academic standards herein establish the core content and practices of science and 
engineering, as well as what Tennessee students need to know by the end of sixth grade. 
The standards incorporated into this grade have been streamlined for the students’ K-12 coherent
experience for a diversity of learners. The theme for sixth grade science is how energy, found in multiple
systems and scales, is driving ecosystems (populations, food chains/webs), Earth’s natural resources,
and Earth processes (oceans, weather, and climate). In turn, oceans, weather, and climate help
determine characteristics of ecosystems. A focus on science literacy is placed through the use of the
science and engineering practices. Often times, students are required to gather information from
reliable sources to construct evidenced-based arguments (e.g., 6.LS2.3). Finally, STEM integration is
supported both as a stand-alone disciplinary core idea.

By the end of sixth grade, it is expected that students should be able to demonstrate the skills and
content knowledge emphasized in the following standards in preparation for future learning in science
and its practice.