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All About Me

Anderson County High School (1999)
Roane State Community College, AS (1999-2001)
Tennessee Tech., BS Education (2004-2006)
My best middle school memory was created in the sixth grade.  We went to the Treamont Institute in the Great Smokey Mountains for a week to science camp.  During this time I really got to know my teachers, one in particular, on a more personal leave.  Every night at lights out Mrs. Stringfield would play her guitar and sing to all the girls.  Once the boys heard about this, we had to share her and she had to sing to the boys too.  This memory will forever be my favorite of my middle school years.
Once I received my degree, I spent many years as a paraprofessional working many with special needs and special education students.  I learn to have more compassion by working with these students than any other time in my life. 
I have been teaching full time for three years, at FLMS in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade ELA.  I truly love and am appreciative of my FLMS family that is made up of great Braves!!!
I have been married almost ten years and have two children of my own.
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Michelle Garner
Fort Loudoun Middle School
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