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Mrs. Karen Katcham

Contact information:
phone:   865-458-2026 ex(1823)
University of Tennessee:                      Masters in Education
East Tennessee State University:        Masters in Business  Administration
Tennessee Technological University:   Bachelors of Science: Marketing
Farragut High School
Middle School Memories:
The things I remember the most from middle school are the moments that made me laugh the most. I remember the Male Beauty contest and Mr. Burke dressed up in a dress. I remember hanging out with my friends at field day and laughing till I almost cried when one of my friends fell in someone's cooler. I remember laughing at Mr. Walker's corny jokes. I remember singing songs and laughing on the bus when my softball team traveled. I remember watching the Middle School performance of Mary Poppins and thinking the actors were the coolest people in the school. I remember scoring my first basket in a Middle school game, getting my first steal and winning my first game. 
I've been teaching English and Language Arts since 2000, and I love my job. My goal is for my students to learn to express themselves in an intelligent, impressive manner both verbally and in writing. I hope their love for writing and reading will grow some in my classroom. Most importantly, I want the students in my classroom to become kinder, better, more thoughtful people as they move toward high school. There is so much good in the students who come through my classroom. I want them to find a way to share that.
I am married to John Tuck and we have one daughter, Nicole.  
Favorite Quotes:
"It is our choices, not our abilities, which make us who we are." Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
"Everyone's special, Dash" "That means no one is." The Incredibles
"Learning is Ugly!" Karen Katcham

Recent Posts

Random act of kindness presentations Feb. 16

The Random Act of Kindness project presentations has been moved to Feb. 16. Projects are still due Feb 6; however, they will not be presented until the 16th.

Coffee Shop Poetry

Friday, January 26, the students will be attending a poetry celebration Coffee Shop. Each child will be required to read a poem they wrote to the class. They will earn a grade simply for their participation. This activity helps them with their speaking and listening skills, which are standards for ELA and important in their academic careers in both high school and college. 

Semester 1 Vocabulary

Students will have vocabulary tests every Friday. Each week, I will update the vocabulary words.
dialect - writing dialogue the way it sounds instead of the way it is spelled
personification - giving something non-human the traits of a person
hyperbole - an exaggeration
Allusion - a reference to something in pop culture
virtuous- tries to do the right thing
Prose - literature written the way we speak (sentences and paragraphs)
lingered - to hand out too long
bailiwick - your area of expertise
reiterate - to repeat for clairification
Alacrity - cheerfulness
Putrid - gross
sultry - hot and humid
Ebony - black
intricate - carefully detailed
Sycophant - a suck up or brown noser
inquired - asked
Literary tone - the attitude of an author or narrator has toward a subject; HOW he says what he says
Literary mood - the emotion, feeling or atmosphere a reader gets from a story
misdeed - a misbehavior, an act against the rules
culpability - responsibility for a misbehavior
putrescent - a rotten smell
epithet - insulting names
ominous - a scary feeling, foreboding
cohorts - friends, peers on the same level as you
dialogue - conversation between two or more
infuriate - to make very angry
Malevolent - evil
Loping - a gallop, bouncy walk
culpable - responsible for something, usually a misdeed
misdeed - a mistake, an illegal act
nemesis - enemy
waft - to pass through the air
deride - mean teasing 
situational irony - to expect one outcome and get the opposite of what you expect or the opposite of what should have happened
Verbal irony - to say one thing , but mean the opposite
Dramatic irony - when the audience knows something that the characters do not know.
insipid - boring, without deep meaning
deter - to stop someone from doing something
discombobulate - to confuse
emanate - to come out of
protrude - to stick out of
exasperating - frustrating
egregious - horrible, awful
clamor - a group of loud noises
aspirations - hopes and dreams
Utter - to say out loud
Obliterate - to completely destroy
Indignant - slightly offended
garbed - dressed in
Retort - to reply in a sassy way
animated - with excess energy, emotion and movement
Careen - to swerve out of control
Myriad - a large variety, a lot
foreboding - a frightened feeling
decrepit - old and worn out
ingenuous - innocent, not fake
ambled - a slow relaxed walk
in tandem - at the same time

Homework Reminders

If you would like to receive reminders about homework for this class:
1. Text to 81010
2. Type in the following message:
     If you are in Block 2 type:     @katchamb2
     If you are in Block 3 type:      @katchamb3
     If you are in Block 4 type:     @katchamb4

Where should you check for weekly plans?

Students in Ms. Katcham's Block 2 and 4 should check section 2 for weekly lesson plans
Students in Ms. Katcham's Block 3 should check section 3&4