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About Me

Nova Southeastern University, Davie, FL, BS in Accounting (1991)
I began my career out of college working in accounting and then as an auditor, which gave me the opportunity to travel all over this great country of ours. However, after quite a while of doing this, I became a bit burned out and decided to change my career.  The problem was, I wasn't sure what I wanted my new career to be, so I continued working as an auditor.  One day I was looking through papers I had written in middle school (yes, I still had those), and I noticed something I had written.  It was an assignment about what I wanted to do when I was finished with school.  The paper was all about my desire to work with computers, and it struck me that I didn't even remember writing it.  I've always enjoyed working with computers, and technology in general.  Suddenly, I knew what my new career would be: working with computers!  I signed up for some courses at a local college and off I was in my new career.
The going was a bit rough, but soon a friend of mine suggested I apply for the computer tech/teacher assistant position at his elementary school.  I did and was lucky enough to be hired.  I was excited about my new job and the fact that part of my day would be working with elementary students using computers.  It all turned out to be an even better experience than I could have imaged.  I now was doing two things I loved:  maintaining all of the computers and technology on the school campus and working with students.  After working at the elementary school for four years I moved from Florida (where I had lived since I was ten years old) to Tennessee to be with family.  I am now very happy to be a part of the Fort Loudoun Middle School family as a paraprofessional, and I'm looking forward to a great year with our fantastic students.
The classes I teach are listed below, just click the links for additional information.